Wisdom from the
heart of Christ  
& Muhammad  




Nothing appearing as Everything - Emptiness arising as Fullness

this is a celebration of

Unconditional Love  &  Unconditional Freedom

Unconditional Love
&  Unconditional Freedom

What’s been looked for is right here…
It's This!
The appearing screen, reading these words... the eyes winking…

It's too simple, and therefore, overlooked.

So we search for truth in man-made religions, read books about enlightenment,
listen to speakers of Non-duality,
try finding - the freedom of This - with practices...
And... become tired and frustrated with seeking.

But as long as there is hope that "This is not it, and it can be found somewhere else tomorrow,"
the seeking energy will prolong itself.

So the question is…

What is still being avoided?
What story is still running the show?
What uncomfortable sensations are still being resisted?
What remains a misconception? A blindspot?

When it becomes clear that waiting for something that’s already here is futile…
The seeking energy starts to starve..
which can feel uncomfortable and usually people run away, back to an imaginary hold on.

But when this starving of the seeking energy is not resisted,
it can result in a natural surrender in the body-mind...

Which then can reveal that there is no separation from God already and…

that Paradise was never somewhere else, and that the hereafter is not after physical death.  

Paradise is a state of consciousness, that not many live, but many dream and read about.

True freedom is Love and Love is devotion and devotion is the Honor of God.

Maryam lives in The Hague, Netherlands and enjoys taking walks in nature, listening to music, dancing and creative expression. Her character is playful and she appreciates humor and does not take this life too serious.

She has a daughter, Marwa, who is eight years old. She and her ex-husband are divorced and are co-parents now, both lovingly taking care of Marwa. She would love to have a dog too, but that hasn't happened yet.

Seeking for truth, Seeking for God
Maryam was raised in the Netherlands by immigrant parents. She didn't have a religious upbringing. Yet, at the age of 20 felt the desire to attain peace of mind by surrendering to God. She didn't know about spirituality, so she started exploring religion. After years of committed devotion to faith in a religious context, she was left disappointed.

She could not find the true joy and true peace of mind that Christ, Muhammad and Baha'ullah referred to when they spoke about truly surrendered people.

Maryam read various books on spiritual Enlightenment, and with the help of the pointings of some Enlightened gurus, she realised a non-dual state of consciousness. After a blissful expansion, she entered a phase of emotional integration. Here, Maryam became interested in fasting and pranic living. She purified her body from toxicity and old cellular memory through a devoted practice of fasting and physical movement.

In 2023, she experienced a spiritual ascension, where she liberated herself in the full spectrum of feminine (sexual, Life force) energy and became Christ's direct oracle of transmission of God's message: the Return of Christ. To unite all people of Faith and restore the Honor of God on the planet.

Christ resurrected in her body, in Spirit, as promised in Christianity and Islam: The Return of The Messiah. 
She declared that she offers a direct transmission of his Pure and true message to humanity.

Eversince, Maryam has been enjoying a very blissful state of consciousness; she says that Joy is her Home and that Only God is worthy of Devotion and Loyalty. 

She does not pretend to be more 'spiritual' or 'religious' than she is; she sees no benefit in wearing masks or gaining likes by wearing holy clothes. She likes to merge with the ordinary human being while fully aligned with God. In this, she teaches a great example: don't pretend to be spiritual or religious, but serve God with all you are and sacrifice everything to attain the state of consciousness we call Paradise. Commit to serving your purpose above your egoic desires to attain the reward of God: True Love and Everlasting Bliss. 

In Maryam's presence, people weakened by insecurity, fear and worry and possessed by evil energies can become uncomfortable and often do show it with strange behaviour. Maryam has often experienced evil energies fleeing the space as she entered a room. 
Evil fears God, but God knows no fear. 

She declared: Only God is!

In 2023, she travelled to Miami (City of Mud), where she exposed the Anti-christ as the depolarising movement of the Corrupt agenda of the West: attempting to make man and woman equal by depriving a man of his masculine power and a woman of her feminine sensuality, surrender and softness.

Claiming to offer empowerment and freedom, yet enslaving us in the name of Liberation. 
What liberation is to be desired if we stop feeling attracted to getting married and form a true, passionate union?

Christ pointed out the spiritual blindness of the "one-eyed" man, who is called to be the Dajjaal,
and in this Sight is cured. She exposed the deceiving nature of the spiritual and non-dual community that lacks true Faith as taught by the Abrahamic prophecy line.

Her following purpose is to spread the message of Christ to a larger audience. People who are sincere by heart, empowered, strong, confident and not judgemental. People who do not repress or shame sexual energy but are wise enough to liberate it but not fail to protect it. Sexual energy is God-force. Sexuality is sacred. The union of a woman and a man, coming together in intimacy after marriage, is the highest form of devotion. 

Her purpose is to 'kill the pigs' of the planet, i.e. calling out the people that promote promiscuity and showing them a sincere way of repenting and a purified way of living to manifest true love, loyalty and respect in their life. The way of God Purity.

Previous Career and Service
Maryam has experience with entrepreneurship and integrative counseling. After receiving her bachelor's degree in economics at The Hague University, she started her career as an entrepreneur and expressed her creativity with her brand in stationary art which became wholesale for store owners and webshops in Holland and Belgium.
After experiencing a burn-out she decided to embark on a new journey of personal development and later became a coach. She was trained as a PSYCH-K facilitator (transforming limiting beliefs from the subconscious mind) and later became a licensed integrative coach (Integrative Psychotherapy).
She started to assist people to have a better experience in life by spotting their limiting beliefs and helping them to integrate psychological shadows and liberate repressed emotions that are stored in the body by Somatic Body-Mind inquiries.
She served a few years as a non-dual guide and coach, via online group meetings, physical retreats and 1:1 sessions.

Christ Consciousness
Maryam's purpose on this planet is to unite people of faith to manifest Freedom and Justice for mankind. She declares that we are here to recognise God as the One, Infinite Creator that does not divide us into man-made and corrupted religions. 

She teaches that the first step to raise the planet's vibration and fight the evil energies that invade mankind and manipulate us into fear is to forbid promiscuity. It is the spilling of sexual energies through the lower channels of the human template that strengthens the evil forces on the planet.
The story of Adam and Eve was not just a story; it was the beginning of the suffering of mankind. 

For us to trigger the Great Purge, The Day of Judgement, to transition into New Earth, the Reality of Paradise on the planet is by ending sex outside of Honor of God on the planet. When enough people hear the call of Christ and obey, the evil energies and all human beings that are here to enslave people by selling them the dream of Freedom will start to purge and leave their bodies. In this, only sincere, Godly and loving people will remain to celebrate Joy, Love and Freedom on the planet. 

Will you open your eyes and support this message, or will you remain arrogant and deny the Heart of Love for the planet? Choose wisely...

Maryam does not offer 1:1 sessions anymore

Zoom Group meetings & Retreats

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